> Airtel data pack has not activated?
SMS D[value] to 155

> Dialog data pack has not activated.?
SMS INT[value] to 678

> Etisalat data pack has not activated.?
SMS DATA[value] to 2211

> Hutch data pack has not activated.?
SMS i[value] to 101

> Mobitel data pack has not activated.?
SMS D[Value] to 7678

Reloads and Data-packs


(a)  අන්තර්ජාල දෝශයක් නිසා ඉතා කලාතුරකින් රීලෝඩ් එක Fail වෙන්න පුලුවන්. බය වෙන්න එපා. රීලෝඩ් එක ආවේ නැත්නම්, ඔබගේ මුදල ඔබගේ topLife ගිනුමට එකතුවේ.

(b) ඔබ lankareload ගිනුමට log-in වූ විට, ගිනුමේ ශේෂය පෙන්නුම් කරයි. දැන් ඔබට නැවත රීලෝඩ් එක දා ගන්න පුලුවන්.

(c) දුරකතන අංකය සහ මුදල ඇතුලත් කර, ගෙවන ආකාරය topLife ලෙස තෝරා රීලෝඩ් කරන්න.

(a) A reload can fail if there is a technical issue at the time of the reload. But don.t worry! When a reload fails, LankaReload places the reload into your topLife account. Please access your toplife account by clicking the .my account. at the top of the website.

(b) You should see a credit balance in your topLife account balance. You can make another reload using this credit balance.

(c ) When you enter the payment options site, select the topLife option as the payment option.

You can make a cash deposit to our bank account (the bank account details are given below, please mention your lankareload registered email address as a reference). Once the deposit is made you can email the deposit slip to info.com together with the email address of your lankareload.com account. If you are unable to send the scanned deposit slip, you can send us a email mentioning the date, amount and the reference. Once we receive the email we will cross check the receipt with the bank online and add funds to your toplife account.

Account Name:U-Generation Mobile Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
Account No:1020012787 (Commercial Bank)
Branch:City Office

Simply put, (a) you get your reload instantly, (b) if there is a technical issue at the time of reload, we transfer your money to a toplife account where you can make the reload again without going into a long procedure of trying to get your money back, and (c ) we don.t charge any extras . it.s the same as reloading your phone at any of the mobile operator sites.

LankaRelaod launched its custom designed Mobile Application which you can download from our site through Google Play Store in Android platform or simply download to your phone directly using QR code (QR Code Scanning Mobile Application can be download from the site it self)

OTP is a one-time password which is sent to your mobile phone when you use your debit/credit card online. Usually this code comes to your phone as a SMS when you use your card online. If it does not come and the webpage is asking for a OTP, please call the bank to get this issue fixed.